Tuesday, August 7, 2018 5:00:00 PM
7.0 Earthquake on Lombok, Indonesia
 (Advice as at 5:00pm on Tuesday, 7 August 2018, NZST)
At 11.46pm NZST (7:46pm local time) on the 5th August 2018, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Lombok, Indonesia, damaging buildings, causing numerous injuries and fatalities and triggering a brief tsunami warning. The earthquake has already caused many aftershocks. This follows an earlier earthquake that hit Lombok on 29 July 2018. The New Zealand government is currently advising against all tourist and other non-essential travel to Lombok and the Gili islands.
When you have purchased a policy before 11:46pm (NZST) on Sunday 5 August 2018, cover is available where you have no option but to change your travel plans because your service provider cancels or restricts services due to circumstances arising from or related to this event. Where your trip has not yet begun, cover is available for the lesser of rearrangement or cancellation costs.
Where travel has begun and you have no option but to change your travel plans, your policy covers the following benefits when they are listed under the plan you have purchased: medical expenses overseas; travel delay; cancellation costs or additional travel and/or accommodation expenses resulting directly from a provider cancelling or restricting your scheduled public transport services.
For policies purchased after 11:46pm (NZST) on Sunday 5 August 2018, cover is not available for claims arising from or in connection with this event, as this event is now known and no longer unforeseen.
This restriction of cover also applies to any travel plans made or changed after 11:46pm (NZST) on Sunday 5 August 2018 where you are impacted by the event.
We are monitoring the situation and will advise when this position changes. Refer to your providers following service interruptions; they can best assist with making alternative arrangements.
Emergency Assistance and Contacts
If you have an emergency, please contact emergency assistance as soon as possible on +61 2 9234 3123 or +61 2 8256 1523. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the latest travel advice, refer to:
Air New Zealand                                                            0800 737 000
Qantas Airways                                                              +64 9 3578900 (in Auckland); 0800 808 767
Virgin Australia                                                               +61 7 3295 2296
Jetstar Australia                                                             +61 3 9645 5999
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade                       https://www.mfat.govt.nz/
Any Questions?
Please contact TID Customer Service on 0800 843 843 or +61 2 8263 0483 or via our website at www.tid.co.nz.
Claims Information
In the event of a claim covered by your policy, you must do everything you can to minimise and reduce the cost of the claim and provide all supporting documentation of the event and expenses incurred. To lodge a claim, complete the TID claim form available from TID Customer Service or the TID website at www.tid.co.nz.
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